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320,000.00 TZS each Silver Super General Electrical Oven SGEO064KRC Sold by: SIMPLY APPLIANCES

190,000.00 TZS each Black Super General Electrical Oven SGEO046KRC Sold by: SIMPLY APPLIANCES

270,000.00 TZS each Microwave Oven NMO 515N9A Sold by: BJ SENYA ELECTRONICS

215,000.00 TZS each WESTPOINT 23L MICROWAVE WMS2311M Sold by: Price Compare

320,000.00 TZS each WESTPOINT 28L MICROWAVE WITH GRILL WMSS2812EGS Sold by: Price Compare

160,000.00 TZS each Olympia Toaster Oven Sold by: Price Compare

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